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Why S&P believes Bethlehem’s a better bet for investors now

Bethlehem’s bond rating jumped a notch to A, a grade city officials hope will reduce the cost of a new borrowing for road, sewer and other projects. The new rating, which signals to bond buyers the risk of the investment, reflects the city’s “improved budgetary performance” and better management, S&P Global Ratings agency says. “We [...]

A Message From Bob Donchez

In announcing my candidacy for re-election, I seek to continue my lifetime commitment to the City of Bethlehem and my service as mayor for a second four year term. If re-elected, my continued focus will be on:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Public Safety
  • Economic Development
  • Strong Neighborhoods
  • Openness in Government
  • Improving the business districts
  • Improving recreational facilities and
  • Increasing the street overlay programs.

I believe that Bethlehem has made great progress under my Administration. But, there is so much more to do to continue to keep moving our City forward.

I respectfully ask the Citizens of Bethlehem to review my record; and that you share my belief that my record is strong. I believe it justifies my humbly seeking for your support for another four years to serve as Bethlehem’s mayor.

For my full announcement, click here:

Bethlehem Mayor Robert Donchez Announces Re-election

Bob Donchez