Below are achievements that have been accomplished over the course of my career. My record proves my dedication and passion for being the voice of the citizens of Bethlehem. To view achievements, click on the desired area.

Mayoral Achievements:

2016 Achievements

2015 Achievements

2014 Achievements

City Council Achievements:

Economic Development

    • Supported initiatives which furthered economic development throughout the City of Bethlehem (over $1 billion in development) such as LERTA, FRED, Façade and KIZ.


    • Supported economic development of the 1,800 acres at the former Bethlehem Steel Plant site.


    • Supported the updates of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance.


    • Supported the creation of the South Bethlehem and Mount Airy Historic Conservation Districts.


    • Supported the increase to 300’ that residents must be notified of any zoning change near their property.


    • Supported the expansion of the Zoning Hearing Board to five permanent voting members from three permanent voting members and two alternates.


    • Supported the TIF agreement with the Bethlehem Area School District and Northampton County to assist in developing the Beth Works site.


    • Supported a new vendor cart ordinance.


    • Supported initiatives to complete the development of the western end of Sand Island into a complete recreational facility.


    • Supported the construction of the new office building at One East Broad Street.


    • Supported the rezoning to create the Lehigh Riverport complex.


    • Supported the replacement of the Paint Mill Bridge to provide better access to the north and west sides of the city.


    • Supported the re-opening of Broad Street.


    • Supported the construction of the $24 million Liberty Center Office Building and the North street Parking Garage.


    • Supported the renovation and reuse of blighted buildings, such as the development of Union Station into a medical office building.


    • Supported the creation of a Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) District to help speed development of the Beth Works property.


Public Safety

    • Supported prohibiting the use of handheld mobile telephones and texting while operating vehicles in the City of Bethlehem.


    • Supported requiring private security services to notify the City when hired to provide services in the City of Bethlehem.


    • Supported the upgrade of Bethlehem’s 911 Communications Center and its radio system.


    • Supported efforts to increase manpower in both the Police Department and Emergency Medical Services.


    • Initiated efforts for EMS to provide three teams coverage on day shift and two teams coverage on night shift, thereby reducing the City’s dependence on outside agencies to respond on emergency calls.


    • Initiated efforts to pass a sprinkler ordinance requiring all buildings 75’ or taller to have an automatic sprinkler system installed.


    • Initiated a resolution that City Council must be informed about the types of insurance coverage maintained by the City, and that City Council be notified whenever insurance is changed.


    • Initiated $59,000 in savings to hire an additional police officer for 2007.


    • Supported a grant for hiring three additional police officers in 2007 (150 officers-largest in the City’s history).


    • Supported the hiring of a new fire inspector in 2007 and $419,000 for new fire equipment.


    • Initiated a noise ordinance to improve the quality of life of neighborhoods (includes loud music and car mufflers).


    • Worked with administration on the construction of a new EMS/Paramedic facility.


    • Continue to pursue a new fire facility for the southeastern part of the city.


    • Supported the upgrade of a new $5 million dollar radio system for public safety.


    • Initiated funding to purchase soft body armor (bullet proof vests) for the Police Department.


    • Consistently supported the establishment of Community Police Substations.


    • Supported legislation to expand the state’s Drug Free Zone Law (signed into law by Governor Ridge) to include public parks, playgrounds and swimming pools.


Fiscal Responsibility

    • Proposed and sponsored legislation that requires the city administration to obtain city council’s approval for using dedicated Bonds, bank Notes, Lines of credit, and any other form of borrowing for anything other than its intended purpose. This will ensure a high level of accountability for bethlehem taxpayers.


    • Proposed and supported budget reductions totaling 1.7 million dollars.


    • Supported reducing the lease-back bond borrowing from $20 million to $16 million.


    • Advocated that one-time sources of revenue should no longer be used as permanent revenue in the budget.


    • Supported creation of the Gaming Local Share Account where no transfers of un-appropriated funds may be made from the Account without prior notice to and approval by City Council.


    • Supported the purchase of streetlights from PPL which resulted in $8.3 million savings.


    • Supported traffic signal energy savings plan which resulted in $460,000 savings.


    • Supported the selling of the City’s landfill and refinancing of the landfill debt.


Neighborhood Issues

    • Supported a strict Landlord Licensing Bill which ensures that apartments will be brought up to City Code.


    • Supported programs and initiatives to revitalize neighborhoods (Façade, Bear, LERTA, and the State of Pennsylvania’s Elm Street Program).


    • Supported expanding curbside recycling program to include cardboard, magazines, catalogs, newspapers and telephone books.


    • Supported a change in the Zoning Ordinance whereby neighbors living within 300 feet of a proposed zoning change must be notified.


    • Supported the creation of an Environmental Advisory Council in order to identify and address environmental issues in Bethlehem.


    • Supported a strict Landlord Licensing Ordinance which ensures that apartments will be maintained up to the City Property Maintenance Codes.


    • Supported the new Vendor Cart Ordinance.


    • Supported programs and initiatives to revitalize Bethlehem (Façade, BEAR, LERTA, Elm Street).


Public Accountability & Accessibility


    • Proposed and sponsored legislation that requires all candidates for city office to provde a copy of their campaign reports to the city clerk so that in the spirit of transparency their contributors and expenses will be posted on the city’s webpage for the public to view.


    • Initiated legislation requiring the City’s administration to inform City Council whenever outside attorneys are hired, why they are hired, and how they will be paid.


    • Supported the ordinance requiring the administration to inform City Council of all financial transfers of city funds.


    • Initiated a policy that all of the City’s legal expenses be made a matter of public record.



    • Regularly attends Neighborhood Block Watch meetings throughout the city.


    • Personally helped resolve nearly 500 citizen concerns.